Chris corner dating sue denim

16-Aug-2017 18:45

We’ve all experienced days when our homes are less than visitor-ready, so how bad must Sue’s have got?

Particularly since her doll-collecting hobby couldn’t sound more child-friendly.

Soon the new arrivals had built the mosque which is designed to accommodate 4,000 worshippers.

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It was summer, still the evenings sometimes blew cool. I was about to follow suit, had my shirt halfway up my beer gut when he sat down—just when the sun was coming down.

Prose descriptions are safer than photographs (pics) and movies (vids).

He also makes music with Sue Denim, under the name The Siblings.I met Mono—I’ll always think of him as Mono—only once, a week before I left Neukölln forever.Left the leafy lindens and sluggish Spree, the breakfasts of sausages and cheeses and breads that stretched like communist boulevards into late afternoon, the stretch-denim legs of the artist girls pedaling home from their studios on paint-spattered single-speeds, the syrupy strong coffees the Kurdish diaspora made by midnight at my corner café and its resident narcoleptic who’d roll tomorrow’s cigarettes for me, ten smokes for two euros. The patio was abundant with greens: softly flowing ferns, flowers in pails, miniature trees packed into buckets to cut down on the breeze from the brackish canal. A few punks, scuzzy but happy, sat mohawked, bare chested, feeding decomposing mice to their domesticated ermine.About two years after being graduated from college with a degree in unemployment—my thesis was on Metaphor—I’d moved from New York to Berlin to work as a writer, though perhaps that’s not right because nobody in Berlin However, my being a writer of fiction was itself just a fiction and because I couldn’t finish a novel and because nobody was paying me to live the blank boring novel that was my life, I was giving up. It was time to grow up because life is short and even brevity costs.

After a year in Berlin, with my German-language skills nonexistent, I was going back home. My uncle told me that, and it was his being diagnosed with a boutique sarcoma that—forget it.

Sue, 60, takes a deep breath before explaining.‘It wasn’t fit for children to be in,’ she says. There was a danger of something falling on them, or them tripping over something.‘In the bedroom, we couldn’t get to the window to pull the curtains. In the kitchen, we couldn’t really cook because there was nowhere to set anything down.’Was there even a table to eat on? There was so much junk piled high that there wasn’t room for one,’ admits Sue. If I wanted to see them, I had to go to their houses.‘My daughter, Sian, did try.