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25-Dec-2017 23:07

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With Jeremy’s gay relationship at the centre, last night’s episode harked back to those good old days in ways recent series just haven’t.

After touching on monks, The Atlas Mountains, Moroccan cuisine, Corfu, adultery, The Hairy Bikers, obsession and stalking, it ended with Mark scribbling on a block of cheddar with a blue pen to create a “tasty young Stilton” and drinking a “Moroccan” cocktail made of water, rum, vinegar, lettuce and salt with a theologian called Angus.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian UK 2014 Arabic with English subtitles 82 mins BBFC rating 12A https://

v=XXhfz Js KDH8 Selected by 28 international film festivals worldwide, and winner of Best International Documentary in Uganda and Mexico.

My advice: Be respectful and stay modest in Morocco Morocco is a Muslim country, and whilst some women feel comfortable walking around with their thighs, shoulders or midriff uncovered, it will attract attention that you will get enough of anyway.

Moroccan guys can be relentless and quite tiring in their comments as Western women walk pass.

In one case in Turkey in the early 1990s, a student committed suicide after undergoing a virginity test instructed by the principal of her school.

Test procedures The ways the test is done could vary from one place to another.

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Plus, if the locals can deal with the heat so can we.KERMODE & MAYO SHOW BBC RADIO 5 LIVE – Mark Kermode “The story itself is so strong, and told with such clean firm strokes, done in a way that absolutely puts the thing together in a way which is riveting, so you start following the story and it becomes, I have to say, I think more tense, more gripping than many mainstream films out there in cinemas at the moment.”

What we’ll do at my hotel is that if a staff member encounters a room they need to enter that has a DND sign on it, the staff will ask the front desk to call the room to ask if it’s okay to knock and/or enter. If there’s no answer to the call and there’s no emergency, we will simply not enter, and we’ll hang a sign on the door saying that we respected their request for privacy.… continue reading »

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